By Julie McKune, RYT 500

Aparigraha is one of the yamas that I am continually challenged by. It means non-attachment or non-judgment.  I continue to work toward finding non-attachment to the thoughts that are in my mind. Can I observe what comes up, take a breath and let it pass?

The practice of yoga reminds me that you don’t need to respond to everything that comes up but to merely observe what comes up, notice and simply let it go. We often refer to this as being a witness to our thoughts but not attaching. To find the pause. I really enjoy vinyasa yoga for that reason because of the focus of connecting breathe to movement as you flow from posture to posture. I often get lost in the flow.

I remember one of my favorite teachers who once said: “our goal for the next hour is to connect with our own bodies, feel our own breath, do our own variations of these postures, and take home our own unique benefits from this beautiful practice of yoga. Rule: No judgment. Everyone agree?”

It takes practice and my yoga mat has taught me to be more patient with the wandering mind. For me, its all about finding the pause. The space between the breath, to stay focused and present.

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