This month we welcome Micki Leventhal to our permanent teaching staff.   As our primary Vinyasa instructor, Micki will be teaching two new types of Vinyasa classes: Vinyasa Fundamentals and Mindful Vinyasa.   Micki’s style blends her training in both traditional  hatha yoga and classical dance to create a yoga experience for her students that builds heat without sacrificing attention to alignment.  We are offering Vinyasa Fundamentals on Monday mornings from 9-10:15a, and Mindful Vinyasa on Wednesday (9:15-10:30a) and Saturday (7:30-8:45a) mornings.  Visit our teacher page to see Micki’s full bio.  We are pleased to have her on our team!

Vinyasa Fundamentals (Getting Started)  is grounded in classical Hatha instruction that provides exacting guidance in alignment and use of breath to deepen postures while introducing students to a more challenging, but moderately-paced, flow practice that enhances the experience of a ‘moving meditation.’ Emphasis is on developing an optimum balance between strength and flexibility as well as increased body awareness for a safe practice that respects each individual’s anatomical structure and life experience.

Mindful Vinyasa combines the challenging physical flow and meditative state of vinyasa practice with the best practices of classical Hatha instruction. In Mindful Vinyasa we move slowly and deeply, allowing for careful alignment to protect joints and connective tissue–but we keep moving. We build tapas (heat) through sun salutations and a variety of asana sequences linked with the breath. Through tapas we release toxins and tension. The class is rounded out with deep stretching, the opportunity to work on basic inversions, and a closing savasana. Intended for continuing vinyasa students, or students who have at least six months of Hatha experience and a desire to challenge themselves.

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