You probably know that yoga has been around for thousands of years. Our modern version of what we practice in the studio is only one part of a broader system of techniques, called The Eight Limbs of Yoga. Have you heard of that?

The first four limbs refer to physical techniques and ethical practices, while the second four limbs refer to meditation techniques. Here are the English translations of The Eight Limbs of Yoga:

  1. Self-Regulating Behaviors
  2. Habits for Healthy Living
  3. The Poses
  4. Breath Control
  5. Sense Withdrawal
  6. Concentration
  7. Meditation
  8. Enlightenment

Beginners take note! The system is not a sequential path. Most of us begin yoga by practicing the postures, even though it is listed third. As our practice progresses, aspects of the other techniques may be introduced. Instead of moving from one step to the next, the path is indirect.

Simple, right? 🙂 What questions do you have about The Eight Limbs of Yoga? Leave a comment.

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