Our greatest assets at The Yoga Centre are our warm community of students and our highly experienced teaching staff. It would take far to long to introduce the staff individually here, so I would encourage you to take a look at their bios on our website and read some of the Talks with Teachers interviews that we have posted on this blog.

Most of our teachers are registered with The Yoga Alliance, which is a national certifying body for yoga. Would you like to learn more about what the designations mean? I’ve listed them below with handy descriptions.

RYT 200

This is the primary level of certification, indicating completion of a registered 200-hour teacher training program.  It includes a well-rounded base of yoga practice, teaching methodology, anatomy & physiology, yoga philosophy/ethics/lifestyle, and teaching practicum.  These programs will tend to provide depth in the techniques of a specific style rather than a survey of several different ones.

E-RYT 200

The “E” stands for Experienced.  These teachers have completed the RYT 200 level training and also have lots of teaching hours under their belt.  More specifically, this designation requires a minimum of two years teaching experience after completion of the teacher training program and 1,000 teaching hours.  Notice that 1,000 teaching hours is no small thing.  If a teacher teaches twice/week for 1.5 hours, it would take 6 years to reach this designation.  What this points out is that this level of experience is reserved for those who have set themselves apart with teaching hours.

RYT 500

This is the next level of training up from RYT 200.  The ‘500’ indicates that the teacher has completed 500 hours of teacher training instruction in a well-rounded accredited program.  Notice that a teacher can move from RYT 200 to RYT 500 by simply doing more school. This level of credential does not require more teaching hours than RYT 200.

E-RYT 500

Again, “E’ stands for Experienced.  This is the ‘highest’ yoga teaching designation including 500-hours of yoga teacher training, four years minimum teaching experience and 2,000 teaching hours.  In this case, let’s say that the teacher is able to dedicate more time to their craft.  If they teach 4 classes per week (each lasting 1.5 hours), then it would take them 6 years after finishing the RYT 500 training in order to achieve E-RYT 500 status.  I want to emphasize that these experienced credentials show those teachers that are head and shoulders above the rest with the same level of training.

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