This week in our Talks with Teachers column, we feature William Hunt–our highest credentialed teacher on staff.  William is responsible for first cultivating our yoga community at his own studio on Chicago Avenue, before bringing his teachings and his students to The Yoga Centre in 2011.  We are so fortunate to continue to grow the community with him and appreciate the depth of his experience and wisdom.

William teaches on Sundays at 9:30am (Hatha 1-2), Tuesdays at 7:30p (Hatha 2), and Wednesdays at 7:30p (Hatha 1).  This month, he will also be co-teaching a 6 week series called Yoga for 60+ Beginners. Click here for more details.

TYC: How would you describe your teaching style?
WH: My teaching style over the years has been influenced by the Iyengar and Eischens methods.  I have benefited from these methods in my personal practice because of their depth of understanding postures and their knowledge of sequencing them into a balanced practice. I also incorporate many decades of personal experience and intuition that is unique to my teaching.

TYC: How were you first introduced to yoga?
WH: I was introduced to yoga in 1972, during Peace Corps training in Hawaii. After attending language classes all day to prepare to work in a leprosy control clinic in Thailand, I would rejuvenate in the late afternoons by attending a yoga class. It was the favorite part of my day.

TYC: When did you first become a teacher and why?
WH: I became certified to teach yoga from the Temple of Kriya Yoga in Chicago in 1977. I loved yoga philosophy and how the postures made me feel. When I heard about the teacher training program at the Temple, I was very excited. I wanted to learn to share it with others. Since then, teaching has become my lifelong career. I also taught English as a second language for over forty years to thousands of international students who were preparing for university studies. Teaching internationals helped developed teaching skills for yoga and yoga gifted me with patience teaching the international community.

TYC: What are the top three things you’d like your students to learn from your classes?
WH: I like my students to understand how to be mindful and safe in their yoga practice while advancing their range of movement and strength. In addition, I like to aid my students to develop a non-judgmental outlook and a feeling of positivity about their yoga practice and life.

TYC: What do you love about the community of students at The Yoga Centre?
WH: I love to see people of all ages, body types and conditions attend classes at The Yoga Centre. To make this possible, I recognize and feel much gratitude to teachers, staff, and administrators at The Tennis and Fitness Centre for their energy and hard work.

TYC: What else would you like The Yoga Centre community to know about you?
WH: Even though I’ve been involved with yoga for decades, my personal practice and teaching continue to unfold in depth and subtlety. Yoga has been a great gift in my life and a contribution I am honored to give to the community. My desire for all of us is to be blessed in life in numerous ways that we may be an ever greater blessing to others.

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