Welcome to “Talks with Teachers”, an occasional feature where we get up close and personal with our teaching staff.  Today, we are talking with Meg Barber who teaches at The Tennis and Fitness Centre (for members only) on Sundays @ 8:30a and The Yoga Centre on Sundays @ 10:30a.  Meg has been part of our yoga community for several years and joined our teaching staff last Fall.  Her yoga teaching experiences include basic, beginning, continuing, partner, aqua and restorative yoga.  Meg completed her 200 hour studies with the Temple of Kriya Yoga in June, 2004 and her 300 hour studies with the Bhavana Institute in June of 2012.  She is a registered yoga teacher with the Yoga Alliance at the 500 hour level and is an experienced yoga teacher at the 200 hour level.

With her roots in corporate America and her training in energetic healing, Meg has experienced yoga as a valuable tool for centering, stress reduction, inspiration and relaxation.  She also believes that yoga increases wellness while improving the quality of life.  With this in mind, Meg believes that yoga should be made available to people of all abilities.  We hope you enjoy learning more about her here and take the opportunity to visit one of her classes soon.

TYC: How would you describe your teaching style?

MB: I love the deep power and healing hidden in alignment based yoga.  It truly speaks to my heart.  Sometimes the smallest cue can open a brand new horizon of awareness (physical and mental)!  So when participating in one of my classes, students can expect to journey to a particular pose or type of pose (standing, forward bends, backbends, twists, etc.) with each consecutive pose allowing the student to go deeper and deeper.  Somewhat like peeling an onion.  We use props such as blocks, belts, bolsters, sandbags and walls to share an expression of the pose that might not otherwise be available.

TYC: How were you first introduced to yoga?

MB: In 1999, I was taking a new job where I was going to be traveling.  I didn’t want to depend on hotel workout rooms or dark early morning runs in strange places.   I wanted to have something I could take with me that I would always have.  And for me, that turned out to be yoga.

TYC: When did you first become a teacher and why?

MB: Back in 2003, I was considering entering the Kriya Yoga Seminary at the Temple of Kriya Yoga, but it felt like an overly large commitment at that time (3 years).  So I turned to the 9 month Yoga Teacher Training program.  It allowed me to take my practice back to ground zero and build it up in a way that sharing with others was possible.  I decide to teach as a way of giving back what my teachers had shared with me.  I also had come to personally know the feeling of freedom and space after a solid practice, and I wanted to share that, too.

TYC: What are the top three things you’d like your students to learn from your classes?

MB: 1) There is no such thing as too little yoga. 2) We all were not made to touch our toes or or do a backbend. Using props can help you have the same experience. 3) Yoga is not just a good posture.  Breathing, meditation and self reflection are also a part of the practice.

TYC: What do you love about the community of students at The Yoga Centre?

MB: When I’m at The Yoga Centre, I can feel how each person wants to learn just a little more to make their lives a little better.   I feel the true spirit of yoga – that of introspection and peace.

TYC: What else would you like The Yoga Centre community to know about you?

MB: I love to share what has been given to me by me teachers.  I am honored each time we practice together.  When I teach, I am taught, and so the circle continues. May the inner light in me always honor the inner light in you. ~ Namaste ~

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