TYC: How would you describe your teaching style?
KL: I aim to create a flow throughout class. The flow of breath moving in and out. The flow of action and inaction. The flow of stillness and movement. I enjoy teaching Hatha classes because it’s all about balance between sun and moon, hot and cold. A student described my class as a single wave. Building out of stillness and growing slowly, reaching a peak of intensity, and coming to a steady calm. I very much took that as a compliment for what I’m trying to deliver to students.

TYC: How were you first introduced to yoga?
KL: I was an intern at an athletic club in Kalamazoo, MI. My main job was to organize an indoor triathlon. I had to spend a certain number of hours at the gym to meet the internship qualifications, but I was allowed to take any class for free while I was there. I always ended up in yoga class in the middle of the afternoon. I just enjoyed the calmness of yoga over the hype of lifting weights or bootcamp.

TYC: When did you first become a teacher and why?
KL: My teacher training was a month long immersion in Bali, Indonesia that finished in January 2015. I received an abundance of joy from my yoga practice, I wanted to deepen that connection and learn more about yoga. I also needed to go on an adventure and see what the rest of the world had to offer. From Bali, I moved to a house in Spain for 3 months, just outside Madrid. There was a lot of self discovery and healing on that trip. The best part of teaching has been helping students to find self discovery and healing through the connection of yoga.

TYC: Wow – Bali!  That sounds amazing.  What was it like to train there?
KL: It was a dream, great to be able to eat, sleep, and breathe yoga.  I lived in a two story, two walled, bamboo house. The bathroom didn’t have a roof and the floor was loose stone.  I slept on a twin mattress on the bamboo slat floor in the top story. Always had lizards walking across the center beam of the house with mosquito nets on both sides.  Jiwa Damai, is the name of the permaculture that I stayed it. They organically produce all kinds of fruits, vegetables, coconut oil, honey, soap, toothpaste, and other stuff I’m forgetting. There was a noticeable vibration of life from nature all around us at all times. We had 3 days off of training, which we used to visit a balinese temple on the side of a volcano, swimming in a waterfall, and a two hour hike on a volcano to watch the sun rise. Each was its own incredible experience.  I spent my down time during the day in the pool, in the hammock, or in Ubud. It felt like home by the time I had to leave. My fiancé and I are planning our honeymoon in Bali.

 TYC: What did you like most about the immersion aspect of the training?
KL: I loved that it was 10 strangers and I from around the world that got to eat, sleep, and breathe yoga together for 28 days.  I was exposed to a vegetarian diet, daily meditation, daily practice, and other things that allowed me to see a lot of growth in myself in only 28 days. It was great to be disconnected from a lot of usual distractions: work, family/friends, technology. When its time to do my 300 hr training, it’ll be an immersion somewhere in the world.

TYC: What are the top three things you’d like your students to learn from your classes?
KL: 1) Learn to connect to their breath. 2) Learn to relax and find stillness. 3) Learn that their bodies and minds are capable of unbelievable change over time.

TYC: What do you love about the community of students at The Yoga Centre?
KL: I love that the students are eager and find enjoyment in each class. The longtime students of The Yoga Centre have a very strong and stable alignment, which is a testament to their study and teachers here.

TYC: What else would you like The Yoga Centre community to know about you?
KL: I take relaxation seriously.  I’m daily finding myself in long restorative poses. My favorites are legs up the wall and supported fish pose. When teaching I try to bring all my students to stillness to notice what they find in their stillness. I also do my best to make sure savasana  is long enough to let the practice settle into the body. Trying to gain more awareness of the body and the koshas. I am truly grateful to have an audience to teach yoga. The people that I’ve met have been wonderful and its been great creating a connection to the students.

Kevin lil

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