This month we welcome Kari Tomashik and Annie Walter to our studio to lead two Eischens Yoga events.  Never heard of Eischens Yoga?  No problem, we explain it here for you!

Eischens yoga (pronounced “EYE-shins”) is named after the late Roger Eischens. Roger was an Iyengar teacher with extensive knowledge on human anatomy, physiology and kinesiology. By merging his scientific knowledge with his in-depth Iyengar training, he founded High Energy Yoga, which was renamed Eischens yoga after his death 2004. This discipline addresses imbalances and weakness resulting from injuries or habits by improving alignments and muscle stimulation or relaxation.

Roger’s assistant, Kari Tomashik, has been instrumental in educating practitioners in this discipline and promoting this unique yoga practice. By using weight resistance, muscle tension can be released and under worked (hypotonic) muscles can be stimulated. Such is the basis for the transformational work which is a hallmark of Eischens yoga.

The Yoga Centre is hosting two Eischens Yoga events this month. On Aug 29 and 30, we will be hosting Kari Tomashik for a weekend workshop. Starting Aug 31, Annie Walter will be teaching a 4-week Eischens Yoga series that will meet on Mondays from 10:45a-12:45p.

To register for these programs, please contact Diana Shea ( or visit our website for more information.

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