The Yoga Centre is proud to announce a new class series starting in November called Energy Healing through Visual Art.  In this class, students will learn to develop healing techniques which focus on visualization, meditation, color (chromotherapy), and light.  Every class includes a lecture, a meditation, and an art project to further the students’s understanding of how colors relate to mind, body, and psyche.  Happiness and peace gained through this meditative practice may bring a new awareness and ease to the lives of the students.  Could this be the perfect class for you?  

Class instructor, Sharron Ott Bartemio, says that she has always been aware of the therapeutic aspect of art.  As a prolific, classically trained fine artist herself, Sharron finds happiness and healing through her own process of creation.  Inspired by the ancient Hindu religion and her own in depth training as an artist, Sharron hopes to share this sense of peace with her students.  Join us!

Still have a few questions?  Read our responses to our most frequently asked questions below.

1. I have no previous art experience, is this class appropriate for me? 

Yes, absolutely!  The emphasis in this class is on the meditative aspects of the process of creating art. Projects are simple yet profound.

2. What should a student expect to get out of this class?

The objective of this class is to strengthen the electric flow through the students chakras, enlivening the colors within. The students should develop increased inner vision and have the pleasure of working with paint to manifest the inspiration.

3. What do previous students say about the class?
“I am soooooo enjoying the class and feel the energy for days after the class. Thank you soooooo much!!!” – Sandra

“Art was so fun Sunday! Thanks for being a lovely teacher.” – Angela

4. When does the class meet? and how much does it cost?

Tuesdays, 1:00-2:30pm from Nov 10 – Dec 15.  Cost is $110 (Members: $100)

5. How do I sign up?

Click here to register online today!

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