This week we’d like to introduce you to Tennis and Fitness Club Member Extraordinaire, Rogue Weiland (pronounced ROH-GEE).  She’s everywhere!  You’ll see her in fitness classes, the pilates studio, on the tennis court and at The Yoga Centre.  In 2017, she logged more than 200 hours of class time at The Yoga Centre. Imagine that! We are thrilled that she agreed to be interviewed for our “Profiles of a Yogi” feature and hope that her story inspires you.

TYC: How you were first introduced to yoga?
RW: I had friends that encouraged me to try yoga, but I kept procrastinating. I did not know which studio I should try, so my lack of decisiveness led me to do nothing. Then the Tennis and Fitness Centre opened The Yoga Centre across the street. I was tempted to try yoga, but still hesitated. Then the Club offered one month of free classes–so how could I not go? Laurie Berggren thought I would enjoy Maria Basualdo’s (Iyengar) class and she was right. The first class I took flew by and the rest was history. I was hooked.

TYC: What made you curious enough about yoga to try it out? What was your motivation to practice yoga?
RW: I knew so many people that I respected who kept telling me how beneficial yoga was to their health and well being. Their endorsement was a huge motivator. An excellent tennis player that I know shared with me that the only reason she was still able to play tennis and maintain her competitive edge was because she practiced yoga.

TYC: What type of class have you been taking? What do you like about it?
RW: I have tried to take a variety of classes, and I enjoy the variety that is offered at The Yoga Centre. Each teacher has their own style and approach.  The teachers we have at The Yoga Centre offer a wealth of knowledge when they teach. I leave every class enriched.

TYC: What benefits have you noticed from your yoga practice? 
RW: As I continued the practice of yoga I started noticing changes in my body. I slept better. I had more flexibility, and my hips felt more open. Gradually, I noticed that my emotional being was also being impacted. I felt more patient and felt a new and different sense of peacefulness. I became more aware of my body alignment and posture. I realized that yoga was becoming an intrinsic part of my life and enriching me in ways I had not even realized. I know that this yoga journey will only continue to improve.

TYC: That’s wonderful.  We love hearing about the more subtle benefits — the ones that you sometimes don’t expect!  What advice would you have for someone who is thinking about starting a yoga practice?
RW: It is one of the best things you can do for yourself. If you try one class and you don’t like that class try another teacher. Yoga touches all areas of your life, and has helped me in many ways. The changes may be slow, but are well worth the benefits that come over time.

TYC: You are absolutely right.  Tell us more about yourself. How do you spend your time when you’re not at the yoga studio?
RW: I am retired so I have a great deal of flexibility with my time. I love to exercise and I enjoy all my exercise and yoga friends. I am an avid reader and enjoy playing tennis and traveling.

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