So I heard that you’ve been thinking about starting a Home Practice, but you don’t know exactly where to start or how to begin planning for it.  Lucky for you, I have the simplest strategy that you can start following immediately.  Do you know Bidalasana (Cat/Cow Pose)? The one where you start on hands and knees
with your wrists below your shoulders and your knees directly below your hips? And you connect your breath with movement as you articulate the flexion and extension of the spine? That’s the one. Begin your home practice by doing that one pose. That’s it!  I’d love it if you did it every day, but if that feels overwhelming, then simply do that pose when you think of practicing some yoga at home.  And voila, you have a Home Practice!  That’s the first step.

Still not quite sure what I mean by Cat/Cow Pose? Watch this quick video and then read instructions here and here.  If you want hands-on confirmation, come on in to the studio and ask one of our qualified instructors for a demonstration. Check out our schedule here. Did you see we updated our website to allow for registration directly from that front page? Easy peasy, take a look.

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