By Diana Shea

There are many physical benefits to practicing yoga: increased flexibility, balance, and strength, to name a few.  However, in order to gain these benefits we must first avoid injury!  How do we do that?  Observing correct ALIGNMENT of the joints can help to protect them from harm.  Use these tips, as well as the guidance of our qualified teachers, to practice yoga safely.


  • In bent knee postures, keep the knee behind the ankle.

  • In standing postures, stack joints (hips in line with knees and ankles), toes point in same direction as knee

  • Avoid hyperextension by micro-bending hyper mobile joints in all standing poses


  • Originate twists in the thoracic spine (mid to upper back), allowing your neck and head to be the very last part of your spine to rotate.

  • Inversions – use proper support and guidance from a qualified teacher so that weight is never on the neck!


  • In forward bends, fold from the groins/hips, rather than rounding the back.

  • A neutral spine has four natural curves (cervical, thoracic, lumbar, sacral).  Seek to maintain these curves in virtually every pose.

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